A spa represents a positive investment in your health, lifestyle and enjoyment. This section is designed to give you a better understanding of the key factors that affect your spa, water quality and the effectiveness of your sanitiser.



Water balance refers to the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels of the water in your spa. These three factors act together to influence the quality of your spa water, your equipment and the sanitiser balance required.

The levels of all three should be checked weekly and maintained in accordance with the spa manufacturer’s instructions. As a general guide, the ideal level of Total Alkalinity is between 80-140ppm; the ideal pH level is between 7.2-7.6 and the ideal level of Calcium Hardness is between 80-120ppm.

In spaspeak, the water in your spa is regarded as balanced, corrosive or scaling. 


Balanced Water

Balanced water refers to water whereby the total alkalinity, the correct pH and calcium hardness levels are all achieved.



Corrosive Water

Corrosive water usually refers to acidic water generated by a low pH level. The acidity will significantly shorten the lifespan of your spa equipment and may also make water uncomfortable for bathers either through aggressive odours or skin irritation.



Scaling water

Scaling water refers to water where the pH is generally too high and can lead to cloudy water and calcium deposits forming in pipes and around equipment.


Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity refers to water’s ability to neutralize or to buffer acids, which in turn enhances or decreases the ease with which the pH level can be properly adjusted and maintained. For example if the total alkalinity is high it will be difficult to adjust the pH level in your spa. Conversely, if the total alkalinity is too low changes in pH levels will be too rapid and difficult to control. The total alkalinity should be maintained between 80 – 140 PPM.

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pH refers to how acidic or basic your spa water is. 

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Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness refers to the level of minerals dissolved in water. High calcium hardness leads to minerals being drawn out of the water leaving scaling. Low calcium hardness leads to minerals being drawn out of the surrounding materials, adversely affecting the life span of your spa and associated equipment.

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The primary purpose of a sanitiser is to kill potentially harmful bacteria in your spa. Heated water provides a fertile environment for bacteria to thrive in, and your sanitiser is your defence against infections.  Always dose accordingly and never use your spa without an effective sanitiser.



There is no sanitiser system that alone can provide sparkling water. It must be used in conjunction with effective filtration. Your filter cartridges remove oxidised organic debris and suspended matter from the spa, providing clear, sparkling water. Your filtration system should be run in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimum clarity, however it may need to be increased to compensate for higher bather loads etc.

A filter cartridge will only hold a certain amount of debris, before flow rates and filter effectiveness will diminish. Regularly clean your filter cartridges and replace after 9,000 hours per use depending on conditions.